some really cool chairs


sidebar: This morning’s draft somehow went live rather than an updated draft. Those of you that follow via email and RSS feeds …. well you may have enjoyed a few choice typos, and other draft injustices ….. I have to laugh. What’s a girl to do …… Do people say cool anymore? I guess I […]

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lessons of the heart


There are moments in our days when something inside us speaks to our soul. When your head and soul connect and you know that you know that you know a lesson is to be learned.    Today was one of those days for me. The details of the lesson are not important. The details set […]

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winter weekends


Today was a grey and chilly day. A day to get caught up on life maintenance. side bar. life maintenance ~ A little saying coined by our family to include all the weekly to do items …  errands, laundry, housework.  While running errands I came across a bit of ironstone. I have been on the […]

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mason jar lunches


The Mr and I have been gathering new menu ideas. We are constantly searching for new, healthy recipes. Many of our recipes are found via online blogs, Pinterest, and magazines. Lately, the Mr is on the hunt, a mission of sorts, for the perfect lunch packing/storage system. Well ok, system may be a bit high […]

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furniture friday


What is up with Furniture Friday? …. Well one of my bucket list items, or goals really, is to one day grace the pages of Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Friday as a featured post. Not really sure why …. well, not that I can pinpoint an exact why …. more of just one of those […]

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blooms to warm my heart


  On occasion, I enjoy a leisurely commute to work.  The ease of walking down the  stairs and across the living room to our desk. Golden. Working in my yoga pants isn’t bad either.  The best. My mornings begin early in hopes of, in turn, starting the weekend early.  Before I knew it my quiet, uninterrupted morning […]

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a winter walk


Last night I was watching Downton Abbey and itching to write. Usually I can read and watch TV at the same time. Sometimes even write and watch TV, but never while watching  Downton. giggle So I opted to share a picture of my early morning walk from the gym, with the promise of more to come. I […]

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a chilly winter morning


Winter weekends draw me in many directions. The mornings are so chilly, especially this past week. Still, the chill of the morning  makes way for some amazing sunrises. This morning, on my way out of the gym, the sunrise was calling me. In an unexpected way, I enjoy the cold winter days. The sun streams […]

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