the countdown begins


The Mr and I were making our bed this morning and I heard the jingle of our bell garland.  Although most of the bedroom is packed up, our bed, the linens and jingle bell garland remain. I paused and thought about how in the midst of the upheaval there remains pockets of order. Kind of […]

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i want to go home


So glad this is a journal and not a blog. This is my electronic journal where I can pen thoughts, hopes and dreams. As I write I am sitting in our house full of boxes. Some of the rooms have a touch of echo. That hallow, cold sound with no warmth whatsoever. The walls are […]

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after the rain


Some folks cringe at the thought of rain. Don’t get me wrong, I too  find rain better for Saturday afternoons with no plans. Still there is something so refreshing about a good rain. The grass turns oh so green, the gardens are watered and the flowers  are happy. One of my all time favorite of favorite flowers […]

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seek and ye shall find


Lucketts Market. So many, many treasures. My head literally spins.  I envy folks that can go to the Market and stroll in perfect peace. I try, I really do. Something happens to me when I get in the gate. My heart starts to pound, my hands sweat. Silly isn’t it. Well good reason for all […]

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a homebody on vacation


Sitting on the couch of our room at a beach resort, snuggled under our knitted throw from home, drinking a cup of Saxby coffee …. I forgot to pack matches or else I would light my mini Antho candle. Yes I am that person.  Feels like home. We all have our own ideals when it […]

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a day for mothers


mother’s days memories i remember the way your tiny hand fit into mine. early morning snuggles. how you sat in the sunny spot on the floor and read your favorite books. your love of grapes and how you chewed with just a few teeth and the juices dripped down your face. your tender heart always […]

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sunday night


Planning vs OCD. The jury is still out on what type of behavior falls under what category. We are moving in 3 months. A life process like that of moving, rudders the planner, well ok, the OCD side of me to break out the list, charts, floor plans and begin the methodical process of a […]

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