i made it through august


not a single pumpkin in site. not an acorn. no traces of autumn. i am determined. new traditions. he and me. well. not completely true. there are a few mums on the front stoop. still that doesn’t count. the mums were replacing summer plantings which faded. so really, the mums are gardening rather than fall […]

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Grover’s Bad Awful Day

When they were young and had a tough day on occasions such as those we would read and re-read about our friend Grover. The story on the pages empathized with the disappointment of some of life’s journeys and then celebrated friends who come along side and help us realize tomorrow is another day. And the promise […]

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give them wings


  When they were young and playing was their learning, I found myself praying the He would guide them to His future. He would bring people into their lives who would guide them to the creative winds where they would take flight . Part of our parental heart’s cry was for our children to have a […]

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home is where I am with you


finally. not a box in sight. no tape dispensers, sharpee markers or crumbled newspapers. we are home. moving in the august heat living in the dc metro area is not the wisest of ideas. but see, we knew. we knew at the end of a few tough days a new townhouse would be our home. […]

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the countdown begins


The Mr and I were making our bed this morning and I heard the jingle of our bell garland.  Although most of the bedroom is packed up, our bed, the linens and jingle bell garland remain. I paused and thought about how in the midst of the upheaval there remains pockets of order. Kind of […]

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i want to go home


So glad this is a journal and not a blog. This is my electronic journal where I can pen thoughts, hopes and dreams. As I write I am sitting in our house full of boxes. Some of the rooms have a touch of echo. That hallow, cold sound with no warmth whatsoever. The walls are […]

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