a quiet night away


some kind of cold. i mean serious cold. the kind of cold that causes me to scurry when i am out. what makes it all so crazy is just last weekend my sister and i were sitting on the deck chairs enjoying a few hours of chatting …. outside! as the valentine’s weekend approached, the […]

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winter doldrums


We are right smack in the middle of February and no snow. Life in VA. Not everyone around shares my enthusiasm for snow. I guess all those years of living in New England engrained a certain sense of expectations in terms of winter and snow. You might say I have a touch of the doldrums … […]

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his early morning coffee


every morning the mr makes me breakfast … even on mornings i don’t go to the gym. as i write, he is downstairs, in the kitchen starting his coffee. as with all things in the kitchen, he has a few coffee makers. i mean really the kitchen is his stage. his productions have the best […]

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some really cool chairs


sidebar: This morning’s draft somehow went live rather than an updated draft. Those of you that follow via email and RSS feeds …. well you may have enjoyed a few choice typos, and other draft injustices ….. I have to laugh. What’s a girl to do …… Do people say cool anymore? I guess I […]

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