sunday night

Planning vs OCD. The jury is still out on what type of behavior falls under what category.  We are moving in 3 months. A life process like that of moving, rudders the planner, well ok, the OCD side of me to break out the list, charts, floor plans and begin the methodical process of a […]

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sunday nights


There are weekends when the skies are so blue, the sun shines warmly, and the days are quiet. Quiet in the sense that the day to day voices are silent. Emails is not viewed, housework and to do lists are non existent, all the normal rudders of my day are silent. Such was my weekend. Plans […]

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let’s go fly a kite


Cue up the music! Picture the last scene of Mary Poppins …. … kite flyers everywhere. The bluest of skies, the sun shining with the promise of a beautiful spring day. Well almost. See it was a chilly 30ish degrees with wind gust like nobody’s business. Where we live, March came in like a lion […]

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droopy tulips


My sister’s favorite flowers are tulips. Although I love the blooms I have always struggled with the droopiness of the tulip stems. After all, I can be so, well everything perfectly in it’s place kind of girl. Still there is something oh so delightful … unexpected natural, kind of  surprise in arranging of tulips. I mean […]

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a face lift


We have this little cabinet, a jelly jar cabinet, that has functioned as everything but a jelly jar cabinet. In our first townhouse the cabinet housed pantry items easily accessible to the dining room. For many, many years the cabinet served as a locker for our home school books. These days the cabinet found it’s […]

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purposeful living

Vineyard Family Getaway

It was a quiet morning in the hotel lobby.  Soon the family would find their way down to the coffee stand all sleepy eyed at various stages of awake-ness. Moments with those I love are truly my happiest of happy. My family is the perfect blend of ordinary and extraordinary. Complex personalities, varied vocations, contrasting […]

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a life less ordinary


I am such a huge fan the resources available online. Oceans of learning and inspiration just a google search away. Love it. Here’s the thing, I also love curling up with books and magazines. Honestly, somedays I crave the familiar turn of a page. While on my 20 minute vacation, I stopped in Anthropologie. An […]

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