mary poppins and maria


I am a huge fan of classic musicals. I am a huge, really huge fan of Julie Andrews as Mary and Maria. Recently our daughter and I were talking about the plan to re-make Mary Poppins. I am a bit of a purest. I cannot imagine improving perfection. So what is it about Mary Poppins […]

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recess and nap time

Remember when you were younger, how you looked forward to recess? My elementary school days were celebrated at a small Catholic school, St. Anthonys. As with most small private schools, our recess moments were enjoyed on the parking lot blacktop. One of my favorite memories is of skipping along the school yard with my Footsie. […]

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coffee, tea and he


I Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.   Kindness and encouragement are traits we encouraged our kids to live out in their day to day happenings. Lessons were taught by action rather than words. Meals were one measure of kindness. Some days the meals […]

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Remember this is my online journal. Some days I chat about home and decorating and other days I record the thoughts of my life’s journey. When I get stressed, really stressed, I have to remind myself to stop and breath. And when I get sad I go to my comfy places. At night when I […]

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car rides

Music we love plays in the background. Some our favorite artists, tunes from years gone by transporting out thoughts to days when we were younger; memories of our dating days, early marriage and now our empty nesting days. Scenes constantly changing as we travel through one state to another. The highway’s congestion reflective of the […]

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Putting feet to your knees

Today he messaged me to share his name was on the roster of the next round of lay offs. I was on the phone with a co-worker and finished the call before stepping away to take in the understanding of his words.   As I walked away to catch my breath my thoughts were scattered […]

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fixer upper


Before and after DIY projects cause my heart singgggg! fa la la The before, dated homes, the distracting wall colors, tiny rooms, layers and layer of linoleum, brassy light fixtures all ready for a fresh look, a make over. With great anticipation I wait for the big reveal. The transformation facilitated by structural changes of […]

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