droopy tulips


My sister’s favorite flowers are tulips. Although I love the blooms I have always struggled with the droopiness of the tulip stems. After all, I can be so, well everything perfectly in it’s place kind of girl. Still there is something oh so delightful … unexpected natural, kind of  surprise in arranging of tulips. I mean […]

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a face lift


We have this little cabinet, a jelly jar cabinet, that has functioned as everything but a jelly jar cabinet. In our first townhouse the cabinet housed pantry items easily accessible to the dining room. For many, many years the cabinet served as a locker for our home school books. These days the cabinet found it’s […]

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purposeful living

Vineyard Family Getaway

It was a quiet morning in the hotel lobby.  Soon the family would find their way down to the coffee stand all sleepy eyed at various stages of awake-ness. Moments with those I love are truly my happiest of happy. My family is the perfect blend of ordinary and extraordinary. Complex personalities, varied vocations, contrasting […]

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a life less ordinary


I am such a huge fan the resources available online. Oceans of learning and inspiration just a google search away. Love it. Here’s the thing, I also love curling up with books and magazines. Honestly, somedays I crave the familiar turn of a page. While on my 20 minute vacation, I stopped in Anthropologie. An […]

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a 20 minute vacation


It has been an incredibly grey winter where we live. I don’t think I have ever known such a grey winter. Grey and windy. Much like a Dickens novel. A vacation day was in order, after all, I had an appointment out of the city. A vacation day ….. vacation. noun, va·ca·tion often attributive \vā-ˈkā-shən, və-\ : a period […]

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a quiet night away


some kind of cold. i mean serious cold. the kind of cold that causes me to scurry when i am out. what makes it all so crazy is just last weekend my sister and i were sitting on the deck chairs enjoying a few hours of chatting …. outside! as the valentine’s weekend approached, the […]

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