A song in my heart


Have you ever noticed days when you are at peace there is a song in your heart? Or in my case, you find yourself singing out loud or whistling. This morning was no exception. Christmas Carols inspired by a leisurely read of the 2015 Pottery Barn Christmas Catalog flooding my heart and soul.   People. […]

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Nostalgia is not your friend


Declutting has become a thing these days. TV shows, radio talk shows, and pop culture books all sharing bits of wisdom as to how to best wade through the accumulations which find their way into our homes. Our family has been on a bit of a quest. Individually motivated to purge, simplify and thin out. […]

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the whys behind what we do

lately i have had many quiet nights. nights of pondering about life. what defines us, our days, our purpose, goals and dreams. not sure what fueled these late mid night ponderings. maybe the void of the months of planning for the move. maybe the promise of the change of seasons. maybe collective changes in life. […]

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i made it through august


not a single pumpkin in site. not an acorn. no traces of autumn. i am determined. new traditions. he and me. well. not completely true. there are a few mums on the front stoop. still that doesn’t count. the mums were replacing summer plantings which faded. so really, the mums are gardening rather than fall […]

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